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The long-awaited AirPower is rumoured to arrive in February

by Yvonne Ng

We’ve been waiting for Apple’s AirPower since its announcement back in 2017. The AirPower that was expected to launch in 2018 was a much anticipated device but as the year ended, the device has yet to make an appearance which caused many to believe that Apple might have decided to just let it go.

However, recent news has increased our hopes in seeing the AirPower. Recent rumours make us believe that Apple hasn’t given up on AirPower, and we might just get to see the AirPower soon.

The AirPower was said to face manufacturing issues that include software bug, overheating, complication in multi-device charging circuitry which causes the production to be halted and delayed for such a long time. However, recent news indicate that these issues have been resolved and the AirPower will be mass produced from 21 January onwards. Another ray of hope that was discovered is the documentation of the newer iPhones that mentioned the AirPower, suggesting that Apple may not have given up on the AirPower even though it’s long overdue.

The Airpower is said to be capable of charging three devices at once while it’s connected to an external power source via a USB-C cable. There has also been reports that say iPhone displays might be able to show the battery levels of all the charging devices on the AirPower.

The AirPower will be functional for any Qi-compatible iPhone, meaning iPhone models launched from 2017 onwards can all be charged though this charging mat. Besides that, it can also charge the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4, and the new generation AirPods, though it will require the wireless AirPods charging case that the new AirPods are expected to come with.

As for when the AirPower will be launched, speculations suggest that it might make an appearance on February itself since the mass production begins near the end of this month. The AirPower should cost more than $130 since the brand itself is known for its premium pricing. 

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