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Spotify removes album shuffle for Adele

by Valerie Quek

If you are an avid-user of Spotify, chances are, you’d tap on that ‘shuffle play’ button of your favourite albums and go about your day. Well, it seems that Spotify has replaced it with a simple ‘play’ button so you’d be listening to albums according to the set tracklist.


This request was apparently brought up by singer, Adele as she thanked Spotify on Twitter for responding to her request. The singer mentions that much care and thought is put into the track listing and therefore “should be listened as we intended”.

Image Credit: Mashable SEA

(Left) Ad-supported (Right) Premium

Don’t worry, Spotify didn’t completely remove the ‘shuffle’ feature, there’s just an extra step now. You can still head to the Now Playing screen and toggle the option to shuffle there. It’s good to note that this only applies to Spotify Premium users and ad-supported users still get the shuffle-play by default.


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