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Spotify app will finally be available in Apple Watches

by Yvonne Ng

Spotify has been available on many smartwatches but now we’re expecting its debut on the Apple Watch. 

Despite the fact that it will come on the Apple Watch, it does not offer as many features as seen on other smartwatches. The Verge stated that there’s no offline support for Spotify songs and users are also unable to stream songs to their Apple Watches.

Image credit : MacRumors

Basically, the Spotify app on the Apple Watch will only work as a remote controller that allows you to control music playback and select your playlists. There’s no shortcuts to playlists or access to individual songs, but you can set your playlist on shuffle mode and connect to other devices that also supports the Spotify app. 

If you have the latest Apple Watch, you’ll also be able to receive haptic and audio feedback when you adjust the volume through the digital crown, but that’s about it that can be done with the Spotify app on your Apple Watch. This could be because the test is still in the early stages and we hope that Apple and Spotify will add more features, or else it would seem like the Spotify app on Apple Watch might just be a bit too underdeveloped compared to other smartwatches.

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