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Sony introduces three new wireless noise cancelling headphones

by Tarvin Gill

Sony has just launched three new wireless noise cancelling sports headphones, perfect for those of you that need some beats while you do your work out and has their famous noise cancelling technology.

Sony WF-SP700N

These headphones give its user the complete wireless freedom so cables will not get in the way of your work out. The headphones are the world’s first that combines digital noise cancellation technology and a splash-proof design. Noise cancellation helps to zone you into your workout and drown out all the noises around you that might distract you, it also comes with Sony’s EXTRA BASS sound that when combined with noise cancellation, give you deeper and punchier bass to get you pumping.

It also has arc supporters that keep the headphones in your ears even with the most vigorous exercises. Finally, it comes with a compact, one-touch-open charging case that gives you two additional chargers, offering a total of nine hours of usage.


Sony WI-SP600N and Sony WI-SP500

Similar to the WF-SP700N, the WI-SP600N comes with noise cancellation technology and the same splash-proof rating.


It will give you about 6 hours of usage and they also come with arc supporters connected to the earpiece which is connected by a band that goes around the back of your neck.

Lastly, the WI-SP500 utilizes an open-type driver unit to recognize ambient sounds and has an IPX4 rating. Connecting it to your phone is as simple as touching the NFC on the headphones and it offers up to eight house of battery life on a full charge.

The ear tips are specially designed to be ergonomic and grippy with rubber dimples so you will not have to worry about them slipping out when you are doing your exercises or work out.

All of Sony’s noise cancelling headphones will be optimised for Google Assistant with a future update, so you can easily talk to Assistant to play your favourite workout music without taking out your phone. The WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N and WI-SP500 are now available in Malaysia and retails for RM709, RM619 and RM329.25 respectively.

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