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Sony introduces three new members to the 1000X line of noise cancelling headphones

by Tarvin Gill

Sony is adding new members to the 1000X series for those of you that want to cut away from the real world and immersive your self in music with Sony’s noise cancellation technology allowing you to hear the music you want without any interruption.

The first new family member is the WF-1000X which is completely free from wires and will fit nicely in your ears and lets you tune out the real world and tune into your music. The 6mm driver will output dynamic sound and immediately connects to the last device you connected the earphones too.

It also comes with a charging case to that provides you up to 9 hours of usage. Earphones also come with a companion app called Headphones Connect with offers flexibility in customizing the earphones to adjust the sound according to the surrounding. For the first time, it comes with Sony’s Sense Engine which can provide a personalized experience for every single sound including music and ambient sound.

They also released a refreshed version of the MDR-1000X headphone in the form of the WH-1000XM2 which comes with the best noise cancellation technology with is mated with a unique Ambient Sound mode, personal NC Optimiser and Quick Attention Mode, all packed in this around-ear style headphones.

If you fly a lot, it also has the Atmospheric Pressure Optimising feature to detect the atmospheric pressure and improve the performance of the headphones. The battery life is made to last 40 hours when connected to an audio cable and 40 house wirelessly. If you do run out of battery, the quick charge function will give you 70% of battery in just 10 minutes of charging so you will never be away too long from the music you love.

Finally, we have the WI-1000X, a stylish behind the neck wireless noise cancellation headphones that are perfect for those of you that rely on trains and buses to get around. It comes with 10 hours of battery life with the noise cancellation turned on.

It also has the Atmospheric Pressure Optimising feature which is perfect to enjoy in-flight entertainment systems via a wired audio connection to which it will give up to 14 hours of battery life. The hybrid drive unit with BA and 9mm dynamic drivers will offer you multiple features like High-Resolution Audio, LDAC, DSEE HX and S-Master HX.

The WF-1000X will be available on 19 November 2017 with a retail price of RM899, while the WI-1000X and the WH-1000XM2 are already available for purchase at the price of RM1,499 and RM1,599 respectively.

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