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SonicGear Sonic Shuttle Review: Big sound in a small body  

by Victor Ng
SonicGear Sonic Shuttle
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SonicGear Sonic Shuttle Review: Big sound in a small body   18

Need a portable speaker to whip out during those late-night vibe sessions on the porch? The SonicGear Sonic Shuttle offers loud audio, while being in a size that fits nicely in your backpack.  


SonicGear Sonic Shuttle

Aesthetics-wise you get a good mix of simple and flashy – the simple being a clean, all-black chassis; it’s then accented by a strip of bright RGB lighting on the front of the speaker – y’know, for that extra flair. If you get disapproving stares for flaunting your RGB, you can always choose to turn it off – but I think you’re better off disassociating yourself from people like that.  

SonicGear Sonic Shuttle

Splitting the two upward-firing speakers are your set of capacitive buttons – here, you’ll find controls for your volume, modes, power, media playback, and RGB settings.  

Audio Performance

SonicGear Sonic Shuttle

Its dual 52mm drivers help produce pretty loud sound – which is the name of the game for the Sonic Shuttle. The speaker is great for filling up small to medium spaces with punchy loud audio.  

In terms of sound quality, the device delivers high frequencies with aplomb; paired with decent mids, the speaker produces bright and crisp audio – the kind of combination that works for vocal-heavy tunes, as well as rock, and ballads. 

It’s the lows that struggle to come through with the Sonic Shuttle, and I find bassy tunes to not work well with this device. There’s a distinct lack of depth that I want when I put on party tunes. With that said however, you can always use an equalizer app to get a sound that’s closer to what you like. 


SonicGear Sonic Shuttle

Besides its big sound, another great selling point for the Sonic Shuttle is its multiple audio playback modes – at the back of the speaker, you’ll find a USB port and a microSD card slot to play MP3 tracks off of; an audio line-in port for your aux cable (doesn’t come in the box), and Type-C port for charging. 

I mainly connect via Bluetooth – because I despise cables – and the pairing process is as simple as can be on both your PC and smartphone. One thing to note however is some latency, so you should use an aux cable if you plan on watching movies or play games. 

What’s impressive is there’s a TWS mode, meaning you get to plop down another Sonic Shuttle – within 10m of the first unit – and use two speakers to output stereo audio! 

Battery Life

SonicGear Sonic Shuttle

A decent battery is part and parcel of what makes a good portable speaker – soI’m glad to report that the Sonic Shuttle gets you a whopping 12-hour operation time, with 50% volume, which is plenty loud enough for a small to medium-sized room, like mentioned earlier. 

Powering the speaker is a massive 5,200mAh battery and it’ll take around six hours to fully charge the device.  


SonicGear Sonic Shuttle

For RM199, the SonicGear Sonic Shuttle is a decent buy if you’re looking for something that can handle high volumes, and offer plenty of ways to play your music. Its impressive battery life and sturdy, lightweight body also makes it a great audio companion for when you’re on the go. 

Visit SonicGear’s official Lazada and Shopee pages to make your purchase. 

This article is sponsored by SonicGear 

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