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Short film “PiCATsso” fully filmed on the vivo X70 series premiered today!

by Daniel
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Earlier in October, vivo premiered their short film titled ‘A Happy Man’ that was filmed entirely on the vivo X70 Pro, which displayed the high-quality camera that the smartphone has. Today, vivo unveiled yet another short film called ‘PiCATsso’ to showcase the more of the vivo X70 series abilities.

Their newest short film is a collaboration with Petsmore to raise awareness on pet adoption in Malaysia. It brings us “Sumo The Cat’s” acting and directorial debut, which displays the perspective of a creative cat.

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vivo also has other featurette’s that showcase the potential of the cameras in the X series phones. Previously, vivo collaborated with award-winning director Ho Yuhang for a short film called ‘KITA’, that was shot on the X50 series. The company also released a short film called ‘The Incident’, directed by Chong Keat Aun in 2021 that was shot on the X60 series.

PiCATsso aims to showcase the vivo X70 series’s VIS 5-axis Ultra Stable feature alongside the Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization to create professional-grade shots.

piCATsso X70 Camera

It will also push the limits of the X70 series’ camera features and contain modes such as Real-Time Extreme Night Vision, Super Night Video, Pure Night View and Pro Cinematic Mode.

If you want to watch the PiCATsso short film, head over to vivo’s Facebook page.

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