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Shopee is hosting a 2-week shopping marathon that you shouldn’t miss

by Warren

As online shopping volume continues to grow, Shopee has also hit a new milestone since its inception in Malaysia three years ago, with five times increase in traffic and three-fold uplift in sales orders, the e-commerce player is about to host the longest sales marathon in the coming week all the way up to its 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Starting August 27 till September 9th, customers can look forward to a different deal category theme everyday. To begin with, the Super Brands Festival on August 27 lets you hunt down deals of up to 99% off from brands including Nestle, L’Oreal, Russell Taylors, honor, Mead Johnson, Elianware, Her Jewellery, Thunder Match, Watsons and PETPET. Furthermore, corporate partners such as Citibank, VISA, Hong Leong Bank and BHP provide further value after the user has gone offline.

For the gadget freaks, mark your calendars on August 28th for the Super Electronics Day, as you could probably score yourself a good deal on some tech products. As for the big day on September 9th, you will be treated to 9 exciting rounds of deals of up to 99% off some of the most popular products, there’s also huge vouchers to be redeemed on some product categories.

To further celebrate this 9.9 Super Shopping Day event, Shopee is increasing its Shopee Shake Coin Pool to 99 million coins throughout the period. On September 9th, there will be 9 time slots for users to shake and get free Shopee coins, where each user will be entitled to shake two times per slot and get to win up to 18 times of Shopee coins in 24 hours.

As the Sales and Services Tax will be implemented in two weeks time, the first few days of the sales marathon might be a good way to spend your pay check. Visit shopee.com.my/99 for more info.


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