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SelfieType — Samsung’s “invisible keyboard” for smartphones

by Yvonne Ng

Samsung just revealed an “invisible keyboard” for phones called SelfieType that uses AI technology and the front camera.

Unlike previous virtual keyboards, SelfieType doesn’t use laser projection which will require you to carry around a laser projector. They are also slower in the sense that the words and sentences don’t appear on your phone as quickly as, say, your phone’s keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard. 

Instead, SelfieType uses the front camera of your phone so there’s no need to carry an extra accessory and to track your finger movements. If this virtual keyboard can be as smooth as the default keyboard, then this could really help those who need to use their phone to type out long paragraphs of emails and messages.

Samsung also stated that SelfieType is an adaptable technology that can not only work on smartphones but also tablets and laptops. 

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