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Samsung might remove chargers for all of its smartphones

by Warren

Samsung began removing chargers from the Galaxy S21 last year in a response to the company’s sustainability efforts, that move may soon be extended to the rest of its smartphone line ups, as SamMobile has confirmed from several European moible retailers that the next A series will ship without a charger in the box.

Although this move is inevitable, Samsung has kept its phone’s fast charging standards very consistent over the years and has since supported the USB PD and PPS 3.0 charging protocol, unlike other brands like Xiaomi and OPPO that implement their own fast charging standards which require proprietary chargers and cables, one can easily source a third party USB PD charger and compatible USB-C cable to charge up Samsung’s smartphones.

The move to exclude chargers in the box started from Apple, which Samsung has mocked and later followed, it has been a controversial move that has caused heated discussions among users as a means for companies like this to reap in more profits, rather than actually doing it for sustainability causes.

Nonetheless, Samsung has yet to made an official announcement on this, but don’t be surprised if this eventually becomes true, as the company has been ramping up its sustainability efforts on the Galaxy S22 series, where part of the phone is made from discarded fishing nets.

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