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Reasons to pair your PS5 with a Hisense ULED TV

by Warren

The PS5 is currently the most hyped next gen console you can get your hands on right now and there’s no better time to invest in a new TV that takes advantage of its hardware power. Although the PS5 can natively support 8K resolution output, games will still run at 4K resolution and therefore investing in a good 4K TV ensures that you get the best audio and visual quality from PS5 games, and here are a few reasons why you should pair it up with the Hisense U800QF 4K ULED TV.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience with Quantom Dot Colors and Full Local Dimming Array

The Hisense U800QF 4K ULED TV delivers the ultimate visual experience with a set of display technologies on a stunning bezel-less panel, it displays the most true-to-life and vivid colors with quantum dot color technology that produces over a billion shades of color, full array local dimming ensures that contrast and blacks are properly presented with backlight dimming, which makes gaming a whole lot better than most IPS 4K TVs and demonstrates the full potential of the PS5.

Smoother Gameplay with Game Mode

Most entry-level 4K TVs do not fare well when it comes to gaming as you may notice significant delays in response time that causes motion blur and fatigue to the gamer. The Hisense U800QF 4K ULED TV’s Game Mode eliminates that experience and gamers can expect smoother animations and lesser tearing when playing fast action games.

Dolby Atmos JBL Sound Solution

Hisense U800QFGet into the game with the Hisense U800QF 4K ULED TV’s immersive JBL Sound Solution with Dolby Atmos, the two sets of tweeters and woofers delivers sound so powerful that you won’t believe that it is coming from TV speakers, while Dolby Atmos delivers a realistic cinematic spatial sound that makes you feel you are in the center of the gameplay.

To find out where to purchase the Hisense U800QF ULED TV, check out the list of dealers here.

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