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Qualcomm introduces the first 5G antennas for smartphones

by Tarvin Gill

5G networks are in the final stages of development and that means we will be able to experience the benefits in connectivity and speeds that comes with 5G. Ahead of the pack is obviously Qualcomm which has recently unveiled their new QTM052 mmWave antenna modules which will go into smartphones.

5G allows for faster speeds but at a shorter range, and the issue is not with the network, but with the hardware that is used to receive the signals. Qualcomm believes that with its new antenna, which is as small as a coin, is able to accurately target a 5G tower and can bounce signals off surfaces to get the signals. The antenna module is so small, that it can be implemented into the bezels of the phone and with Qualcomm’s X50 Modem, it can support up to four antenna arrays at each side of the phone, totalling up to 16 antennas for your phone.

How well this system will work in the real-world usage is still unknown, but we should be able to know as early as the beginning of 2019 which is roughly the time we will see phones that support 5G connectivity, providing 5G towers are available by then.

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