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POCO X2 with 120Hz display coming this February 4 according to cringe-worthy website

by Victor Ng

POCO’s first smartphone launch after being an independent brand is the POCO X2 – and its India release will happen this February 4, according to their new website.

Speaking of the website, it aims to tease about what the phone offers; but for the most part, it’s just cringe-worthy. It’s obvious the folks at POCO are trying for an edgy look, but its messaging is all over the place – from tacky quotes about energy physics to their #SmoothAF hashtag slogan that’s an out-of-season attempt to capitalize on an outdated phrase.

Image credit: GSM Arena

Also, POCO also has a corresponding mobile site that lets you check your smartphone’s display refresh rate. You see, the POCO X2 will have a 120Hz display – cool right? Well, if you visit the website using your mobile, you’ll be greeted with snarky remarks about how inferior your display is. We get it, they’re trying to be different, but the whole thing just reeks of edginess and poor writing.

If you can look past the overbearing marketing ploy, the POCO X2 is actually shaping up to be a pretty neat smartphone. It’s a gaming-centric device, and it’s likely that the phone will use a Snapdragon 865 chipset. It also has liquid cooling running along the back of the phone. For imaging, it’s got a 64MP camera that utilizes the Sony IMX 868 sensor.

We don’t know if the POCO X2 will arrive in Malaysia, and if it will be re-branded if it does; but despite the cringey website, we’d be glad to have a heavy-hitter such as the X2 in the country.

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