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Plantronics launches new wireless audio devices from RM399

by Evon Karen Wong

Plantronics have officially launched and introduced their new headphones from the BackBeat FIT and BackBeat GO line. Altogether, there are five new products, which are dedicated for both fitness enthusiasts or travelers. The new and improved audio products promise that it delivers a better audio experience compared to their previous line of products.

One of the main concerns for Plantronics when creating the perfect audio sets for active goers is “Safety”. For active people who likes to go for jogs and exercise outdoors, both the BackBeat FIT 3100 and FIT 2100 wireless earphones feature an “Always Aware” system, which allows the wearer to be able to listen their surroundings such as car honking, dog barking and car screeching when they are working out, both headphones are sweat and water proof feature secure fit earbuds. In terms of battery life, the BackBeat FIT 3100 can last up to 5 hours whereas the BackBeat FIT 2100 can last up to 7 hours.

For those on a budget, Plantronics has also introduced the BackBeat FIT 350, a more affordable alternative. Unlike the BackBeat FIT 3100 and 2100, the BackBeat FIT 350 features noise isolation system that tends to block out ambient noise, it is also sweat and waterproof and has a 6-hour battery life.

Plantronics also came out with 2 headphones which are more ideal traveling headphones for consumers. If you are in a noisy environment, and all you want to do is escape reality and dive into your favourite music, the BackBeat GO headphone series would be ideal for you. The BackBeat GO 410 has an in flight cable which allows consumer to connect to the airplane entertainment system, so you can listen to music or watch videos without noise disturbances, it has active noise cancellation, an 8-hour battery life and dual EQ controls. The BackBeat GO 810 extends the battery life up to 22 hours and has a bigger 40mm driver.

As of now, you can purchase the BackBeat FIT 3100, BackBeat FIT 350 and BackBeat GO 810 at major retailers such as Gadget Zone SDN BHD, Charlie Cellular Sdn Bhd, and i-study Penang, whereas the BackBeat FIT 2100 and BackBeat GO 410 will only be available from November onwards.

The pricing and colour options are as below :

  • BackBeat FIT 3100 (Black and Grey): RM 799
  • BackBeat FIT 2100 (Black, Grey, Blue and Lava Black): RM 499
  • BackBeat FIT 350 (Black/Grey, Grey/Bone, and Grey/Blue): RM 399
  • BackBeat GO 810 (Graphite Black, Navy Blue, and Bone White): RM 799
  • BackBeat GO 410 (Graphite and Bone): RM 649

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