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Philips leaks a new Hue LED light strip for outdoor use

by Tarvin Gill

Yesterday we were invited to experience the Philips Hue smart lighting system and were pretty impressed with the applications and features that they have added to the whole system. Users now have the ability to control the lighting from the computer rather than just their app, which opens a whole new way to interact with these lights. Now thanks to a leak, we know what else the company has in store for their fancy lights.

The new product will be an outdoor light strip simple called Outdoor LightStrip which first appeared on the Philips Hue Netherlands website. Think the Philips Hue light strip but meant for outdoor use and wrapped by a tube making it water resistant, it will still be able to integrate with your home setup. The Outdoor LightStrip’s tube has a diffuser coating which makes sense for outdoor uses, as you don’t want it to shine brightly but subtly enough to add ambience to the outside of your house without distracting the neighbours.

The new Outdoor LightStrip will come in a two-meter and five-meter package but sadly, there is no news on its release date or price.

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