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OPPO reveals next-generation under-screen camera technology, fixes major issues

by Yvonne Ng
OPPO, under-screen camera, under screen camera technology

OPPO’s latest under-screen camera technology has been revealed recently with fixes regarding inconsistent screen and image quality.

First under-screen camera phone wasn’t impressive

When the first phone with an under-screen camera was revealed, it had a lot of issues including a disappointing camera quality. To improve the camera performance, OPPO’s U.S. Research Institutes uses various AI algorithms that reduces image blur and image glare. Its AI model also targets light diffraction, allowing the smartphone to capture clearer images.

OPPO also made adjustments to improve the display. The new solution is expected to have better details when it comes to smaller fonts and visuals’ texture, and the overall colour accuracy and brightness are said to be more consistent.

OPPO employ various techniques, skills and hardware to improve upon the technology

The smartphone display also uses innovative pixel geometry — a technology that shrinks the size of each pixel without decreasing the number of pixels in total. This allows the pixels to reach a density of 400ppi, resulting in a higher-quality visual experience.

What we’re expecting to see in the future is an under-display camera that does a decent job without compromising the camera quality and screen experience. There should be no patchy spots around the under-display camera, no blurry images or light refractions, and a camera and screen with longer lifespans.

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