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OpenSignal recognizes several Malaysian telcos as ‘rising stars’

by Warren

Opensignal, an independent body that frequently publishes reports of the mobile network experience worldwide, has recognized several Malaysian telcos as global rising star in their recent Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2022 report, this award compare and rank the world’s best mobile operators utilising billions of measurements collected by the firm from millions of devices during the last six months of 2021.


Unsurprisingly, Maxis was awarded the ‘Global Rising Star’ status in the category of Upload Speed Experience and 4G availability, while U Mobile, Unifi and Digi were awarded in the 4G availability category.

The ‘Global Rising Star’ award is given to telcos that has made significant improvements over the measurement period, though sadly no telcos in Malaysia made improvements in other categories, let alone being the Global Winner and Global Leaders.

While Malaysia has never been the leading country when it comes to mobile networks, it is definitely good to know that our telcos are making improvements continuously on their respective 4G networks as 3G is eventually turned off across the country, you can read the full OpenSignal report here.

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