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OnePlus is merging with OPPO as a sub-brand

by Victor Ng
OnePlus Merge oppo
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Remember when we were making fun of OnePlus for making phones that looked a lot like OPPO’s? Well, jokes have turned into truth with both brands announcing that they are merging, with OnePlus becoming a sub-brand of OPPO. 

Oneplus 8 vs oppo find x2

Image credit: Business Insider

They are both owned by mega Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronics, which also has vivo, realme, and iQOO in their impressive portfolio of brands.  

What this means is essentially more manpower for OnePlus to drive innovation, as mentioned by OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau.  

OnePlus is merging with OPPO as a sub-brand 4

Pete Lau

Despite the merger, Lau also ensures that OnePlus will remain independently operated and will have its own products and events. 

It’s just likely that OnePlus will continue to leverage on the same smartphone tech OPPO uses on their phones. What do you think of this move? Let us know in the comments below! 

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