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OnePlus Bluetooth earphones in tow

by Reuben

It turns out that OnePlus isn’t only known for its affordable flagships, but it also makes affordable quality earphones too. The company’s most recent set of earphones is the OnePlus Bullets (V2). Priced at a USD equivalent of RM 80, the OnePlus Bullets (V2) is constantly sold out on the OnePlus store.

Also known for deliberately copying Apple’s design on smartphones, it is no surprise that OnePlus has a set of Bluetooth earphones in store for us soon. Spotted on Launch Studio for Bluetooth certification, the earphones will probably be dubbed as OnePlus Bullets Wireless, based on what is stated on the site. That’s as far as we know for now.

We have no idea on how the OnePlus Bullets Wireless will look like. Chances are that it will look just like the current OnePlus Bullets (V2) when it comes to earbuds, unless OnePlus copies Apple in design cues again. The wireless earphones by OnePlus might coincide with the launch of the upcoming Snapdragon 845 powered OnePlus 6 flagship, set for June or sooner.

Do expect the OnePlus Bullets Wireless to be priced within the affordable range of Bluetooth earphones, but also expect it to be significantly more expensive than the OnePlus Bullets (V2).

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