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Samsung may not launch the Galaxy Note 21 this year

by Victor Ng

Samsung has just subtly re-affirmed suspicions of 2021’s Galaxy Note series – or in this case, a lack thereof. 

In the company’s financial results report for 2020, Samsung had failed to mention the Galaxy Note series in a section of the report that talks about what the brand is looking forward to working on – other models like the just-launched Galaxy S21, and foldables Galaxy Z Fold, and Z Flip were, of course, mentioned. 

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra now supporting the S-Pen stylus, it was pretty obvious from the get-go, what Samsung had in mind – make the Galaxy S series come with the same productivity features of the Galaxy Note, and you won’t have to produce the latter anymore; instead, they can focus on improving their foldable lineups. 

We’re not totally against this – if anything, this is a win-win situation; the obvious flagship smartphone option for those looking for a Samsung would now be the Galaxy S series by default, saving buyers time when trying to figure out what to get, on top of that, buyers benefit from having any possible innovations planned for the Galaxy Note, now being put into the Galaxy S instead. For Samsung, without the Galaxy Note cannibalizing the Galaxy S series anymore, Samsung can sell higher units of the latter. 

Galaxy S21 Ultra SPen case

One drawback for buyers as a result of this decision, would be the lack of a S-Pen silo, which the Galaxy S21 Ultra lacks – to properly store your S-Pen and charge it, you’ll need a special case that comes with its own stylus housing. 

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of what we know so far, so we’ll definitely keep you updated when we receive more concrete information. 

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