Home News The Magic Keyboard will make your iPad Pro weigh as heavy as a laptop

The Magic Keyboard will make your iPad Pro weigh as heavy as a laptop

by Yvonne Ng

The iPad Pro is a powerful device but because of how well its accessories go with it which is why if you have the iPad Pro, you’re probably thinking of getting the Magic Keyboard too. Well, you’re going to think twice now because that keyboard is 710g — on its own.

Now, 710g for a case is pretty heavy, if you add the iPad Pro into the equation, the whole package will weigh about 1.36kg — this is on par with some of the notebooks you’ll find in the market. This is discovered by a user in MacRumors’ forum, who pointed out that he will be returning the keyboard due to its weight. If we compare this to the Smart Folio Keyboard that weighs 407g, the new Magic Keyboard is almost twice its weight.

We’re talking about the 12.9-inch keyboard, so you can expect the 11-inch one to be slightly lighter. Even so, a keyboard this heavy defeats one of the reasons to get an iPad Pro — portability. If your iPad Pro is going to weigh as much as your laptop or even more, you might as well just carry your laptop around and let’s admit it, the iPad Pro still can’t completely replace a computer and all its functionalities. 

The thing is, Apple doesn’t include the weight of their keyboards on their site so there’s no way others could’ve known unless someone puts it up on the internet. Is this Apple’s intention from the start, or is it something they’ve overlooked? Either way, some may not purchase the Magic Keyboard now that they know how heavy it could be. 

On the other hand, the Magic Keyboard does triumph over the Smart Folio Keyboard as it comes with smooth angle adjustability and has a trackpad. If you don’t mind the weight or your iPad is always kept in one place, then the Magic Keyboard is still a good accessory to get.

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