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LinkedIn and Reddit caught red-handed stealing user’s clipboard content

by Yvonne Ng
Linkedin, reddit, iOS 14

TikTok is not alone; LinkedIn and Reddit have recently been discovered to also copy and paste from iOS clipboard without permission.

TikTok caught previously

Thanks to iOS 14, TikTok was previously found to copy and paste clipboard texts as often as one to three keystrokes. In a video posted by a Twitter user named Jeremy Burge, the iOS 14’s new paste notification kept popping up every time he typed a few alphabets in TikTok’s comment section.

TikTok has since updated its app to remove the anti-spam feature.

LinkedIn & Reddit aren’t any different

Now, Linkedin and Reddit are also caught doing the same; another Tweet has a video to prove that both apps also copy and pasting from clipboards but instead of doing so on the user’s iPad Pro, these apps are copying from his MacBook Pro which is synced to his tablet. 

Erran Berger, LinkedIn’s VP of Engineering has also acknowledged the issue and said that it’s an equality check and the content isn’t stored nor transmitted. However, LinkedIn will be introducing a fix soon.

LinkedIn, Reddit and TikTok might not be the only apps that are copy and pasting from the user’s clipboard. Perhaps iOS 14’s new privacy feature will be able to detect more apps doing the same in the future.

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