Home News Leaked images shows the front of the Honor Note 10

Leaked images shows the front of the Honor Note 10

by Tarvin Gill

There has been a lack in phones that have huge screen sizes, what people used to once called phablets have been a term that has long been unused, mainly because companies are trying to make phones the same size but increase the screen that is put on the body of the phone. Honor, on the other hand, wants to bring back the glory days of the phablet with the Honor Note 10.

Techtastic has recently shared images of the new phone and its size comparative to the Nintendo Switch’s display which comes in at 6.2-inches. The Note 10 has a whopping 6.9-inch display and based on impressions from the images, the screen quality looks really good. When it comes to dimensions, the phone and console have similar sizes except the fact that the Note 10 has very narrow bezels compared to the Nintendo Switch and is obviously more thinner. The specs are not bad as well, the listing on GeekBench states that the phone will come with the Kirin 970 processor, 6GB of RAM and Android  8.1.

When Honor releases this phone, it might be a good idea to market this as a phone that you can game on thanks to its big screen which will definitely help in immersing the player into the game. We are just glad that the age of phablets is still not dead

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