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Japan's Project Shinkansen High Speed Rail showcased in Malaysia

by Warren

Japan’s Project Shinkansen High Speed Rail project is considered one of the most advanced railway system ever implemented in the country despite being implemented 51 years ago, more recently Thailand has even signed a memo with Japan in using the technology to connect a 670KM railway that connects Bangkok and Chiang Mai. As the tender for the Malaysia and Singapore high speed rail project is about to kick off next year, the Japanese aren’t missing out the opportunity to showcase Shinkansen’s rail technology here in Malaysia, and it is opened to the public for viewing over at The Isetan Japan Store, Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur.

Japan's Project Shinkansen High Speed Rail showcased in Malaysia 7

The purpose of this public event is to create awareness and knowledge of the half century old high speed rail system, including the highly recognized safety features which will benefit Malaysians greatly. The exhibition offers Malaysians a first hand view of a specially designed miniature of the Shinkansen which will be showcased throughout the exhibition. A train diaroma, touted as one of the biggest in Asia will be featured during the exhibition, expressing the charm of the highly-advanced Shinkansen and the uniqueness of the Japanese railway system.

If you do intend to visit the exhibition, you will be able to purchase limited edition Shinkansen merchandises such as a train-like lunch box and a specially designed tote bag. The exhibition will start from February 17-March 9 2017, head on over to The Isetan Japan Store, 1st Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Mall, if you are interested in Project Shinkansen.

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