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Japan to release world’s tiny companion phone

by Evon Karen Wong

Japan is well known to take minimalist or minimalism mindset as a way of life, so with that, Japan’s biggest telecoms firm “NTT Docomo” has announced that they will be releasing world’s thinnest and lightest phone known as the Kyocera KY-O1L.

The KY-O1L phone is said to be 5.3mm thin, has 2.8 inch screen, a 380mAh battery and weighs only 47 gram, it also charges with a Micro USB port, has a Bluetooth 4.2 function and supports 4G LTE with a download speed up to 100Mbps. Similarly like the Palm phone, the motive behind the KY-O1L phone is created to be an alternative screen for your “main” phone. Some users may think that their main phone is not convenient to bring around while running errands, so the KY-O1L acts as an alternative phone with a much smaller size that fits right into your pocket or as claimed by the company, fits into your card holder because of its credit card size.

The phone however does not come with a lot of functionality that you would expect and for some it might be a turn down. The KY-O1L phone does not have a camera and it does not supports most of the daily apps that we use. The KY-O1L phone however does support normal basic web browser, calendar, calculator, and apps for text and calls. It is said that the phone has a IPX2 rating, which means it is safe when its splashed with water but it cannot be dunked into a pool or a sink full of water.

The KY-O1L phone will go on sale on November and will be exclusively sold in Japan for 32,000 Yen (RM1184.15).

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