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iOS 12 restricts police from unlocking iPhones

by Yvonne Ng

Apple is pretty tight on security especially when it comes to their devices and protecting users’ data. This is why Apple’s security has been improving over the years from passcodes to Touch ID and now Face ID, in addition to the two-factor authentication. Apple is also strongly against weakening its encryption system to law enforcement agencies to unlock the iOS devices.

However, there is one security company that has been able to counter Apple’s strong security and that is Grayshift, a company that sells a device known as GrayKey. The GrayKey could unlock any iPhone and many law enforcement agencies are using it to break down Apple devices’ security, unlocking iPhones without permission from their owners.

With the release of iOS 12, Apple managed to fix the issue, making the GrayKey useless against the security. It is now impossible for the GrayKey to guess the password of the iOS devices and so far there are no information on how Apple did it, though Grayshift will probably start working on a GrayKey that can surpass the iOS 12. At the meantime, iOS users should definitely update their devices to protect their data.

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