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iOS 12 to focus on performance and reliability

by Warren

Apple has never had a good time with iOS in recent times, despite still being a great mobile operating system, iOS 11 has faced numerous problems since its release, such as bricking older iPhones with new software updates, slowing down iPhones for a degrading battery and more. Therefore, a reliable report from Axios states that Apple will be looking to improve performance and reliability on the next major iOS update, though there will still be new features on AR and health features.

Things such as a redesigned home screen and updates to pre-installed apps are being pushed back to next year’s software development, but if we were to look forward some groundbreaking release from Apple this year, it would be the work of integrating both Mac and iOS apps together into a unified app, which Bloomberg reports that it is on track for this year’s iOS release, it should be exciting to see how Apple could pull this off as it has been a failed attempt for Microsoft on Windows 10 Mobile.

It is common for companies to take a break from introducing too much features into its major OS release, just like how Google has done it in Android Oreo, and Apple seriously needs to take a break from fixing its software flaws, including improving app compatibility to fit the iPhone X’s screen, which until today there are still a number of apps that aren’t optimized for the phone. June 2018 is the month to look forward to for the next WWDC event.

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