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iOS 12.1 will slow down the iPhone 8 models and the iPhone X

by Yvonne Ng

It was recently that Apple was fined 5 million euros by Italian authorities for slowing down their older iPhone models with software updates, and now iOS 12.1 will be slowing down the iPhone 8 models and also the iPhone X.

According to the Apple’s support page, the iPhone 8 models and the iPhone X model will also be having the same performance throttling that was once only applicable to previous iPhone models which prevents the iPhones from working too fast causing unexpected shutdowns. Apple believes this is a solution to preserve the lifespan of older batteries and also stated that the performance management, as Apple calls it, will be less obvious on the 2017 iPhones due to the advanced hardware and software design. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are already in progress of slowing down.

iOS 12.1 will slow down the iPhone 8 models and the iPhone X 38

Despite that, iPhone users are allowed to turn off the performance management feature if they want to by disabling it at the Peak Performance Capability’s subheading. The downside is that once it has been disabled, users will be unable to manually activate it again unless their iPhones experience and unexpected shutdown leading their devices to automatically reactivate.

The iPhone 8 models and the iPhone X are only about a year old yet they’re already receiving the performance management feature, which means that if this is a continuous trend, the iPhone Xs models and the iPhone XR might just receive similar feature by next year.

Another options will be to replace your battery before the end of this year, as Apple is reducing the price of out-of-warranty battery replacement for RM 121 for those who have iPhone models from iPhone 6 onwards. You can check your battery health by going to Settings>Battery>Battery Health and look at the percentage of your battery’s Maximum Capacity to determine whether or not you want to change your battery.

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