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iOS 11.4 update brings AirPlay 2 and HomePod stereo pairing

by Tarvin Gill

Apple has finally released the iOS 11.4 update which brings about the long-awaited AirPlay 2 feature. Other than that, it also brings HomePod stereo pairs. It also adds the feature to use Siri to control AirPlay 2 and HomePod connectivity from your iPhone or iPad.

Users were fairly disappointed when they were told the HomePod will not get stereo pairing when it releases, and that it will come in a later software update. The update changelog also mentioned that the speakers will be able to detect each other and the room they are in, to adjust the sound it produces. It also comes with an advance beamforming that provides a wider soundstage.

As for AirPlay 2, you will now have the ability to play content on all AirPlay 2 supported devices in sync, and it gives you more options to cast it to a supported device in locations such as the Control Center, lock screen and within apps that support AirPlay 2. Lastly, and probably the best update yet, is that it will allow you to take a call or play games on your iPhone or iPad without interrupting playback on AirPlay 2 supported speakers.

The update is 307MB in size and can be downloaded on all iOS devices that support iOS 11. If you have a HomePod or speakers that support AirPlay 2, this update will definitely bring you more freedom and flexibility with your devices.

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