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Intel launches 10th-Gen Ice Lake Core CPUs for mobile platforms

by Victor Ng

‘Twas only a year ago that Intel introduced their line-up of 9th-Gen Coffee Lake Intel Core CPUs – it was a refresh of the 8th-Gen, that introduced 8 core/8 thread Core i7 CPUs while introducing Turbo Boost to i3 variants.

It looks like now Intel is ready to start a new chapter in the processing chip scene with the official launch of the 10th-Gen Ice Lake-based CPUs. We reported on its announcement at Computex two months ago, and as mention at the time, the new processors will arrive for mobile platforms first.

Image credit: Intel

The most notable change from its predecessors is that it’s built on the 10nm process, a massive upgrade over Coffee Lake’s 14nm size. However, sources say that next gen PC processors from Intel will remain at 14nm and Ice Lake will be exclusively for laptops.

As usual, you can expect Intel to push i3, i5 and i7 variants in two series – the U and Y series – and things are about to get confusing for us consumers. For ease of understanding and explain for you and I, please refer to the below image that explains Intel’s naming conventions for the 10th-Gen processors:

Image credit: Intel

It’s all fine and dandy until we come to the SKU code – as usual it starts of with the generation indicator, but this time around, its 10 – two numbers before the SKU. You’d usually expect three digits to follow, but this time around, there are only two SKU numbers. Following that is the graphics level – G7 has full 64 EU configurations, G4 with 48 EUs, and G1 with 32 UEs.

For the complete list of models and its specifications, visit Intel’s website here. The prices for the CPUs haven’t been disclosed but it shouldn’t belong before we see laptops sporting them start arriving to Malaysia soon.

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