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Instagram’s new features help draw attention to mental health awareness

by Victor Ng
Instagram mental well being
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During these trying times, it’s important that we stay positive as best we can, and Instagram believes in the sentiment too with their #RealTalk campaign, which puts its users’ mental well-being at the forefront of attention. 

The campaign sees NGOs, health experts, and content creators pull together to spark conversations about mental health by way guides, talks, and more.  

In a press release shared by Instagram, the organization quotes a survey by Ipsos (market research group) which finds an alarming 44% of Malaysians being affected mentally during the COVID-19 pandemic; the campaign is a response to that statistic – a new Instagram Guides feature that helps users discover useful content on the platform.  

 Mental health NGOs MIASA Malaysia and Naluri are the first local bodies to create for Instagram Guides to educate users on the importance of being mentally healthy. Simpley visit their profiles to view their posts and stories which are full of guides. 

To reinforce the movement, Instagram had also introduced new tools to keep your Insta browsing experience toxic-free. These features tools include Messaging Control that lets you manage who can message you directly and who can’t reach you at all; Tag and Mention Controls, which allows you to choose who can tag you in a comment or caption. 

Any social media comment section is notorious for breeding toxic behavior – so on Instagram, hides certain comments that that resemble those that’ve been reported before; comment warnings alert people when they’re about to post something potentially harmful; and lastly comment management for removing up to 25 comments at one time, or even pin your favourite comments to the top. 

Visit Instagram’s community safety page here to find out how to access these features.

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