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Instagram counters bullying in community using AI

by Yvonne Ng

In conjunction of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month in US and UK’s Anti-Bullying week, Instagram is introducing a new feature that uses AI to first-handedly detect captions comments on posts and live videos before the content is sent to human moderators to be reviewed.

Last year, Instagram introduced a system called DeepText which could counter the spam issue in the app.The system learns the semantics of the sentences through the data given by humans and resulted in less spam in the Instagram community. Instagram’s then CEO, Kevin Systrom, then tried to use DeepText eliminate offensive and against the guidelines comments, which still managed to overlook some negative comments.

This year, Instagram introduce the bullying filter which is more practical, considering that the final review will be done by human moderators. More importantly, the Instagram photos are also included in this new filter, for example, images with split-screen are usually used for comparison, which have the possibility of undermining a subject in the image.

Img source : Instagram

Though it is still uncertain if the new feature will be a success, Instagram is also launching a new camera filter called to spread positivity in the community to boost user engagement. Words relevant to kindness will appear in different languages as a background effect when using the back camera, whereas the front camera gives heart-shaped light effects.

The feature will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks, and could be a huge factor in improving the quality of the Instagram community.

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