Home News Huawei might be developing a new OS for its mobile platform

Huawei might be developing a new OS for its mobile platform

by Tarvin Gill

ZTE is getting a lot of heat from the US government due to some violations of trade agreements and not follow the requirements of the government. The punishment, ZTE will not be allowed to use the Android platform for their phones. It looks like Huawei is also in trouble but they might have a way out of this.

South China Morning Post sources have claimed that Huawei will be developing its own mobile operating system, but they did not release it because it is not the same standard as Android quality and app support. When asked about it, Huawei has not confirmed or denied the existence of the OS by saying that they have no plans to launch an OS in the foreseeable future. So there is a slight chance that we might see a new OS in the future which might be in tablets and PCs as well.

Ditching Android will definitely be a big blow to the companies mentioned, as they will lose all support of Google functionality and users will have to resort to other means of connectivity. In any case, creating a backup OS is a good move as we can see when Huawei stepped foot in the US market, many high-officials were not very happy about it, saying that Huawei devices are constantly mining our data without informing us.

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