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Here’s some new features in Google Maps you might’ve missed

by Yvonne Ng

Google Maps is getting more features in the app to enhance users experience, and within these few months they’ve brought in a few useful and interesting features that you might not have tried or even know of.

Follow button

Image credit : Engadget

One of the newest feature by Google Maps is the ability to follow places in the app, similar to how you can follow someone’s Facebook page or Instagram account. Android users can now follow places so that updates such as news, events, offers and so on will appear in the “For You” tab that was introduced by Google a few months back. Besides that, places that are new and have yet to open can create free business profiles that will appear to public three months before the opening date so that others will be notified earlier. 

For You – a personalised tab

Now the For You tab was mentioned above and this tab is currently only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan, but will be available to other countries soon, according to Google. The tab will be shown at the bottom part of the app, along with the redesigned Explore tab and the Commute tab. The tab keeps you updated with everything that is going on at places that you frequently visit and recommends places based on your search history, in addition to letting you favourite places you like and having a match score. The Maps new match score is Google analysing how much you’ll like place and producing scores in percentage, which is based from either your dining preferences, places you’ve been to and ratings you’ve given to places on Maps.

Commute – get realtime traffic information

The Commute tab is a feature that allows you to access live traffic and transit information so that you can reach your workplace or your home as quickly as possible. The feature will let you know if you need longer time to reach places, and provide you with alternative routes when there is heavy traffic. You can also get information on train or bus schedules, and the amount of time you need to reach office from the stations, if you’re not driving to work. This feature is already available globally on both Android and iOS devices.

Share trip progress – shares your location and ETA

Image credit : AndroidPIT

Now another new feature in Google Maps is the ability to share your whereabouts with your friends and families. Once you’ve started navigating to wherever you want to go, you can share your live location by clicking on the ^ button and then on “Share trip progress” which also shows your ETA. You can also share is across other apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and others. The “Share trip progress” feature is beneficial in the sense that it lets your friends and families know where you’re at in case of accidents, and also prevents users from lying about their ETA.

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