Home News Google Pixelbook might be able to boot Windows 10 in the future

Google Pixelbook might be able to boot Windows 10 in the future

by Tarvin Gill

The Pixelbook is one of the best devices for users that what to experience Chrome OS and it comes with a really sleek design that adds to the appeal. Now, new reports have indicated that Google is trying to get their Pixelbooks certified to work with Windows 10.

9to5Google has reported that new codes from Google developers are showing us that Google is working on a way to allow the system to perform a dual-boot. This would mean that users will have the option when turning on the device, to choose between Chrome OS or Windows 10. This is further proven when some people saw the phrase “AltOS” in Google’s documentation and another on “Picker Screen” which will allow users to chose their operating system on boot. Even more proof comes from XDA Developers when they USB-related issues on AltOS, and it shows more reference to Windows Hardware Certification Kit and Hardware Lab Kit.

This is pretty interesting development as the Pixelbooks were well received when they first landed in the market. Giving users the option to boot-up Windows on their Pixelbook will surely boost the product even more. Although, you should not expect to be playing high-end games when it happens.

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