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Google Assistant will soon be able to make phone calls for you

by Tarvin Gill

Google had much to show during its Google I/O event, and perhaps one of the most interesting things that they have shown is Google Assistant’s ability to make calls for you. No, you cant use it to call and have a conversation with that annoying friend or family member, but it will have the ability to make reservations or ask queries from businesses.

In a demo that was shown, Assistant was asked to make an appointment at a hair salon. The user asked Assistant to create an appointment between 10 AM to 12 PM, Assistant then proceded to make a phone call with the business and set up and appointment for 10 AM. Whats even more impressive is that Assistant was not using the default voice that we are used to on our phones, it managed to mimick the tone and accent of a real person and asked questions on behalf of the user. Google then proceded to take it one step further and call up and Asian restaurent where the person on the other side of the line did not have very good mastary of the english language. This proved to not be an issue as Assistant could still understand and asked the questions it needed to fufill its user’s request.

Google’s CEO explained that even with bad english, Assistant could pick up the context of what the person on the line is saying and forms questions and answers from that. He also said that we will be able to see this feature in the coming weeks but did not disclosed if it will be available in every region.

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