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Facebook Collab is another attempt to compete against TikTok

by Yvonne Ng

Facebook’s new app Collab is its own version of TikTok and is now available for an invite-only beta for selected users to try it out. This will only be available for iOS users, starting with those from the US and Canada.

What is Collab?

According to Facebook, Collabs are three independent videos that play simultaneously — allowing users to create their own recordings to different videos to create new musical arrangements. You can either choose to combine three of your own videos together to create music or ask your friends to join you by adding in their own videos.

Facebook, CollabSo, where is the TikTok element? Well, you’ll have to publish your own collab before others are allowed to use it and mix it with their own. You can also share it on other social media platforms in just a few taps.

Previous attempts

Collab isn’t Facebook’s first attempt to compete against TikTok; the company previously tried Reels on Instagram and Lasso, but none has reached the popularity of TikTok. As compared to Collab, Reels and Lasso are more similar to TikTok, offering music and video pairing with additional editing effects. If Collab focuses solely on music creation, it’s quite unlikely that it’ll be able to surpass TikTok.

Users can choose to sign up for their waitlist here and get updates and additional information here.

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