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DxOMark awards iPhone Xs Max a score of 105, Huawei P20 Pro still takes the top spot

by Tarvin Gill

The new iPhone Xs has been unveiled yet another year, Apple has claimed that the phone is the best phone they have ever released. Their processor might be better when compared to the Kirin 980 but it looks like the camera is still not on par with other options.

DxOMark has just released their camera review of the iPhone Xs Max and it still could not dethrone the Huawei P20 Pro. To break it down, the iPhone Xs Max does perform exceptionally well when it comes to autofocus, exposure in outdoor shots are good, details and colours are great as well.

iPhone Xs Max High-Contrast Shot

However, if you are someone that relies on the zoom feature, you will be disappointed as you will see noise and less details when comparing it to the likes of the P20 Pro and even the Galaxy Note 9. Using the flash, especially at night will produce some obvious noise at areas with low-lights and shadows of high-contrast pictures. Lastly, video taking is said to be rather decent as it performs well in bright light conditions with wide dynamic range, vivid colours, accurate white balance and high levels of details. The stabilization is also good and autofocus is again excellent here as well. DxO did mention that the white balance has some issues when shooting with indoor lighting and there is luminance noise when shooting indoors or areas with low light.

iPhone Xs Max Low-Light

DxoMark has awarded the iPhone Xs Max a score of 110 for photo and 96 for video making the total score of the camera, 105. A score that could not dethrone the Huawei P20 Pro which received an overall score of 109.

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