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Digi Fibre Broadband: Get unlimited 50Mbps internet for a low RM90/month

by Victor Ng
Digi Fibre Broadband 2020

It’s back to the stone ages for us without internet access – but sometimes having that access can be pricy; with Digi however, you can have internet for your home for just a low RM90 per month!  

Their new affordable Internet Freedom plan gets you 50 Mbps of internet while paying only RM90 per month; but if you’re looking to get faster internet, then the also new Internet Freedom 270 with 800Mbps broadband is a good pick. 

Digi Fibre Broadband plans

What’s interesting is that the company is now offering mobile internet bundles with the Internet Freedom fibre plans with even more savings. You need at least the Internet Freedom 130 (100 Mbps) to enjoy getting up to two mobile lines with the Internet Freedom Mobile 60 plan – it gets you unlimited all-day internet with no speed caps. 

The savings come when you compare it to the Digi Postpaid Infinite 100 plan which offers the same thing as the Internet Freecom Mobile 60, except the former has a speed cap while costing RM40 more. Should you utilize your two allocated mobile lines, you’re saving a whopping RM1,920 after your 24-month contract. 

Digi Internet Freedom Mobile 60

All the Internet Freedom plans bar the Internet Freedom 90 comes with a one-year free Viu subscription which saves you RM5/month.  

We know, we know – lots of numbers, very confusing; but that’s essentially what you need to know about Digi’s new offerings. To learn more about the higher speed plans, visit Digi’s website here. 

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