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DanceBot is a robot that sings and dances for you

by Tarvin Gill

It is always cute to have a companion that keeps you company throughout your day, it’s hard to have a pet, so the next best option is a robot. Not any robot, but a robot that sings and dances for you.

The Dancebot is a generally a Bluetooth speaker that dances according to the audio being played. It does a good job of following the beat and rhythm of the music and it can even be used for audiobooks. Dancebot will definitely appeal to kids as it looks really cute and its extremely fun to watch it strut its stuff. On its legs are motors that drive 360 degrees of rotation on each joint, that allows it to have a wide range of movements. We have been playing around with it for a few days now as the company has sent us a unit and we are extremely entertained by what we can do.If you are interested in getting your self a Dancebot or just want to support the Kickstarter campaign. Another reason we took an interest in this product is that there is a Malaysian that is involved with the project and we are always proud when a Malaysian is involved in projects such as this.

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