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Chrome to warn users about unencrypted websites

by Sia

Google’s upcoming version of the Chrome web browser, Chrome 56, will be cracking down on websites that aren’t encrypted as it will be flagging websites that do so as “not secure.” 

Chrome to warn users about unencrypted websites 38

Launching in January, Chrome 56 will be implementing a new warning that will display a small sign that shows “not secure” on login sites that are reliant on HTTP instead of the secure HTTPS. Currently, Chrome does flag website that uses HTTP, but it does so via a “neutral indicator.” Emily Schechter, a part of the Chrome Security Team, explains that regular HTTP opens you up to potential attacks. “When you load a website over HTTP, someone else on the network can look at or modify the site before it gets to you,” says Schechter.

The “not secure” sign will be the first step in Chrome’s crusade against HTTP, as the Chrome team mentions that they intend to denote HTTP websites with a special red triangle symbol as well. For websites who wish to not be flagged as insecure, you have roughly three months to jump ship to HTTPS.

Source: Google

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