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Chrome 69 update will bring Google’s Material Design to the browser

by Tarvin Gill

Google has already set the date for the release of their latest version of Chrome. The Chrome 69 update will come with Google’s Material Design to match the other Google apps that have been updated with this new design. Other than that, there are notes on how it will integrate to the notification center on Windows 10.

Google has been working hard to change all their apps and even Android to match their Material Design format, it is a simple design change that makes everything cleaner and more simple to look at. In the case of Chrome, the address bar will come with cleaner and rounded edges while the tabs will show straight edges and slightly rounded edges.

Lastly, right-click and drop-down menus will be cleaner, widely spaced and card-like to mimic printed media. Google will also add other system changes like asking for permission to display Flash content on websites. If you want to get a taste of the Material Design you can enable the new design on Chrome 68 now on Windows 10:

  1. Type chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md into the address bar.
  2. Next to “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome,” switch from Default to Refresh.
  3. Restart Chrome.

The Chrome 69 update will arrive on September 4, however, they did not mention if uses can opt to not go with the new design.

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