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Apple’s AirPower isn’t dead after all

by Yvonne Ng

We waited and waited for Apple’s wireless charging mat, but last year Apple finally confirmed that the project has been cancelled. Now, new information suggests that the project might be back on.

Tech analyst Jon Prosser tweeted yesterday that the company hasn’t given up on the project entirely. According to Prosser, “They’re trying to re=engineer the coils to displace heat more effectively.” He also pointed out that the tech giant is trying to release a wireless charging mat that actually works with the Apple Watch.

Image credit: Apple Insider

The reason why Apple hasn’t released its own charging mat so far is that it hasn’t been able to create one that can support the Apple Watch. This seems reasonable, especially since the Apple Watch is one of their best-selling products.

Well, Apple might just change the AirPower name to something else entirely. There’s no telling when it’ll be fully developed and launch, but at least we now have a tiny ray of hope.

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