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Apple Watch might be getting an always-on display feature

by Tarvin Gill

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches in the market and with a new update, it will make the watch more like a traditional watch compared to a smartwatch, as it might be getting an always-on display mode.

Currently, you will have to turn the display on to view the time. Keeping the display on will bring about two issues, the first is with battery drain and the other issue is the OLED burn-in where if an image is on the screen too long, it will imprint that image on the screen. Cupertino recently filed a patent that will deal with this issue, it will prevent burn-in images by adjusting brightness and contrast to avoid damaging the screen over time. The patent also mentions a new anti-aliasing method which will smooth out the image on a curved screen, which could lead to a larger display.

This is not confirmed by Apple but it is going in the direction of an always-on Apple Watch display. This method might arrive on the Series 4 on 12 September although it might not be enough time to implement it.

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