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Apple reportedly en route to building its own MicroLED screen

by Sookie

…and it’s going to start with the Apple Watch first.

It may be the first that the company is designing and inventing their own device displays, but they seem very hopeful in the process of it. There have also been reports suggesting Apple using a secret manufacturing facility near its headquarters in California. Guess it’s high time for them to be going en route with this plan since their screen panels are provided by Samsung, Sharp, LG and Japan Display for all this while.

The work on displays hasn’t been a smooth journey for Apple though, since they’ve actually killed a project about a year ago. But it’s worth noting that there have been some improvements recently so it may actually transcend the company to a more advanced stage. And this project is said to be led by a long-time Apple employee, Lynn Youngs, who has now started working on the Apple Watch technology.

The report has also suggested that Apple’s MicroLED technology displays would use newer light-emitting compounds that make them brighter, thinner, and less power-intense than the current OLED displays. But as for when they’re going to be released to the public, it seems that it’s going to be few years away. Let’s be hopeful that this project will indeed be a successful feat for them.

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