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Apple leaks an image of the AirPower via the back of the new AirPods box

by Yvonne Ng

Yes, yes, we’ve wrote about the AirPower for the millionth time now, but Apple really seemed to have confirmed the release of AirPower with its recent stunt of putting a printed picture of the AirPower at the back of the AirPods box.

The wireless charging pad has got to be one of the longest Apple product we’ve waited for, and now with Apple’s not-so-subtle hint, it’s possible that the AirPower could really be launched within months or even weeks.

It has been a rollercoaster ride with the AirPower, one moment it’s rumoured to be delayed due to engineering issues, the next moment it’s said to be in mass production and will arrive in February, which is already long overdue.

Previously the AirPower was mentioned in the user guides of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max, now it’s shown in illustration — albeit just an outline — at the back of the new AirPods box, meaning that the company did not forget about the wireless charging pad, and still has plans on launching it.

But let’s discuss what’s to expect of the AirPower. Reports suggested that the AirPower will be able to charge iPhones at a minimum a 15W, twice the amount compared to third-party Qi chargers. In addition, it will be able to charge multiple devices at once, and in this case, it’s clear that the AirPods Wireless Charging Case will be included.

To further prove that the AirPower will be launching soon, 9to5Mac also discovered that there’s a hidden AirPower image that was hidden in the source code of the official site. It has since been removed, but our hopes just got higher.

It’s expected to come at a premium price, but no doubt Apple hardcore fans will be more than willing to spend that money just to wirelessly charge their other Apple devices.

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