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Android users can now create their own WhatsApp stickers

by Evon Karen Wong

WhatsApp sticker feature is something its users are currently enjoying, with the 12 packs of stickers available to be downloaded for free at the Sticker Store. But what’s new now is that there are third party apps that can create your personal WhatsApp stickers.

For now, there’s two third party apps called “Sticker Studio” and “Sticker maker for WhatsApp” that will allow you to create stickers of your own. While the instructions might differ on both apps, basically you’ll just have to import images to the app or use the app to take photos, and then outline the part of the image that you want to use as a sticker.

You’ll have to create at least three stickers per pack for it to be published, and once you’ve published you’ll be able to use your own WhatsApp stickers in the app. For now, these apps are only available on Google Play hence iOS users might not be able to create their own stickers but maybe in the near future there will be others developing iOS apps that allow iPhone users to create their own stickers for WhatsApp.

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