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Adobe wants to put ads in your “share” and “open with” menus when using their apps

by Victor Ng
adobe photoshop ad android

Ads are inevitable – with a snap of its creator’s fingers, humankind will be reduced to living in a reality where ads appear where they shouldn’t be. Sadly, this is that reality and fingers are a-snappin’. 

Adobe is a pulling a “Microsoft” by testing a feature that puts ads in your Android’s “share” and “open with” menus when using an Adobe app. According to Android Police, Adobe would insert a suggestion to download one of its apps in the pop-up menu, when, say you open an image, the “open with” menu will include an option to install Photoshop on top of the list of image-editing apps you have on your phone. 

Adobe ads photoshop share menu

Image credit: Android Police

Microsoft also did something like this last year and promptly got a lot of stick for it. 9to5Google adds that Google requires apps on the Play Store to keep ads within the app itself, and not spill out onto your OS’ UI; so this is technically breaking the rules.  

Taking from what happened with Microsoft, the good things is that consumers have the power to say ‘no’ to shady ad placement strategies like these, so should Adobe proceed with their plan, we can see a storm of angry rants rolling the company’s way. 

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