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Acer unveils a 27-inch gaming monitor with 180Hz refresh rate for RM589

by Warren

Acer Malaysia has recently unveiled three new Nitro gaming monitors that will be a hit among casual gamers. These monitors, the Nitro QG270S3, QG240YS3, and QG240YH3, boast impressive refresh rates of up to 180Hz that will appeal to gamers with a limited budget.

Specifically, the Nitro QG270S3 and QG240YS3 refreshes up to 180Hz with a lightning-fast 1ms (G to G) response time. Meanwhile, the Nitro QG240YH3 refreshes up to 100Hz refresh rate with a 4ms (G to G) response time.

These monitors also come with AMD FreeSync technology, which eliminates screen tearing and reduces input lag, resulting in a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

The Nitro QG0 monitors also boast HDR10 certification, providing a more immersive and engaging viewing experience through increased contrast, improved color accuracy, and greater detail in both bright and dark areas. With a 95% sRGB coverage, these monitors offer a good balance between color accuracy and affordability, making them an ideal choice for casual gamers who want a quality display without breaking the bank.

Aside from their great performance, they come with stylish three-pronged stands and ZeroFrame™ bezel-less VA panel displays that offer a sleek and modern look to any gaming setup. The stand allows users to tilt their monitors for the best viewing angle, while Acer VisionCare technology helps reduce eye strain for a more comfortable viewing experience during extended gaming sessions.

In terms of connectivity, the Nitro QG270S3 and QG240YS3 monitors come with a DisplayPort, HDMI, and Audio-out jack, while the Nitro QG240YH3 monitor features a VGA port that substitutes the DisplayPort. These inputs make these monitors compatible with a wide range of devices, giving gamers the flexibility they need to connect their preferred peripherals.

These Nitro monitors are available immediately at Acer eStore and Acer official stores on Shopee and Lazada. The Nitro QG270S3, QG240YS3, and QG240YH3 monitors are priced at RM589, RM 499, and RM379, respectively, making them a great investment for budget gamers seeking a high-performance display that is stylish and affordable.

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