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8 new realme AIoT products to launch on October 7

by Yvonne Ng
realme AIOT

New realme AIoT products will be launching on  October 7, 2021; the new product lineup will consist of a handheld vacuum, robot vacuum and also an air purifier.

While no specific details have been released, the teaser image on realme Facebook page confirms that there will be eight products in total.

Apart from the three devices mentioned above, we should also be seeing a new realme mouse, a beard trimmer, a hair dryer, new realme cable and a dongle/adapter.

The only information we have now is that the realme TechLife Air Purifier comes with a High Precision Air Quality Sensor that is capable of detecting air quality and filtering impurities, and the TechLife Handheld Vacuum is supposedly light and user-friendly.

TechLife Air Purifier

8 new realme AIoT products to launch on October 7 33

However, if the TechLife Air Purifier is similar to what has been launched in other countries, then you should be expecting a 4.6kg device that comes with three timer options, a smart filter change indicator and five different fan modes.

It should also be able to deliver clean air at 330m³/hour.

TechLife Robot Vacuum

8 new realme AIoT products to launch on October 7 34

As for the robot vacuum, we’re expecting a 2-in-1 vacuum that has a LiDAR sensor and 38 high-precision sensors.

It also has a 600ml dust box, a 300ml electronic water tank and offers up to 3,000Pa suction power.

With a 5,200mAh battery, the TechLife Robot Vacuum can clean continuously for up to 300 minutes.

Stay tuned for the realme AIoT products!

For more information, visit realme’s Facebook page or wait for the livestream that will happen on October 7 at 12pm.

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